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Collect stars everytime you resub
Tier 1 – purple star
Tier 2 – silver star
Tier 3 – golden star

Loyalty badges
Subcard 1 – 3, 6, 9, and 12 months
Subcard 2 – 18 and 24 months
Subcard 3 – 30 and 36 months
Subcard 4 – 42 and 48 months
Subcard 5 – 54 and 60 months
Subcard 6 – 66 and 72 months
What is a subcard?
Subcard is what you can see on the image above and it’s a perk for all of my Twitch subscribers to keep track of how many months they’ve been subscribed to the channel as well as with which tier! Every subcard is digital, if you’d like to see it just use a channel point redeem titled “Show me my subcard!”

Is this a digital reward only?
As of January 2023, the subcards are a digital reward only.

What is a subcard avatar and when can I get it?
Subcard avatar is a greyscale artwork that goes on your subcard. If you are a 7+ month subscriber you can redeem it with your channel points. (Type !avatar in chat for more info)
You can also see your subcard avatar by using a channel point redeem titled “Show a Mugshot”. Additionally, there is an option to commission a colorised version of your avatar – if you are interested in that, contact Maaya on Discord.

Do I get a subcard if my subscriptions were gifted?
Yes, every subscriber gets a subcard, even if the subscriptions were gifted!
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